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The Mobile Experience [RESULTS]

“…in letters that I threw away…I’ve picked up the phone a thousand times and tried to dial your number…”


Without a doubt, the words to Carrie Underwood’s “What Can I Say?” are certainly not about mobile technology.  However, with a closer listen it made me think about the role of technology in our lives and how far we’ve come.  I barely remember the days of writing letters and even dial up Internet; even though I was a teenager when both of these became obsolete, it still feels decades ago.  Along the same lines are the days before I had a cell phone.  Today, it’s the center of my means of communication with the outside world.  I’m able to access internet, email, and countless apps that allow me to share with my friends and family.  This survey has certainly shown me that the mobile experience knows no demographic restrictions. Read the rest of this entry