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3 Girls Remain

This is a guest post from the talented Renee G. who I admire for doing such a great job for filling in for me this week.

Sad to say, the only thing surprising about this results show was that it wasn’t surprising at all. Niama and Thia were both sent home today on American Idol, with Paul counting his blessings that he’s got at least one more week to amp up his game and prove to America he’s worth keeping around. Given the drama last week that unfolded when Casey was saved mid-swan-song, every eyeball glued to Idol seemed relieved that not only was Casey safe, but if Seacrests’s words are anything to go by, he earned one of the top votes of the night.

Niama and Thia might be tempted throw in the towel now that their run on Idol is over, but I don’t think that’s the case. Niama is still the fierce spirit she’s always been, and her final words about teaching her children that dreams are possible is very inspiring. Thia also has a lot of drive and stated in the tribute video that she’s going to sing for the rest of her life, because that’s what she loves to do, was born to do. I think they’ll both score a decent career that could maintain them in the business, because they’ve both won the Idol tour, and they’ve both been notable faces on the highest grossing television show in America for the last several weeks. If nothing else, it’ll be a while before America forgets them completely. I wish them well!

Other notable events of the night included the return of Fantasia decked in a beautiful red dress, and the start of many duets, trios and quad groups, which was very much refreshing from the usual chaos of Idol’s usual group numbers. Through the likes of Twitter and other social networks, I’ve noticed America seemed to favor Pia, Thia and Haley’s number “Teenage Dream” tonight, which is a cover of the Katy Perry song of the same name. I find this interesting because it’s the first time (I believe) that we’ve seen Pia really pick up the pace and do something outside her usual ballads, even if it was in a group number. She rocked it and shined like the star she could be, with Haley a fireball of sex appeal at her side. We’ll see what these two girls bring to the table next week, as well as all rest. If nothing else, it’ll be an interesting series of events before we’re done… our top three of the year is just around the corner.

And with that, I’m off. You’ll be back to your regularly scheduled Jason commentary next week! Special thanks to him for letting me babble on his blog, I had fun boring the masses with my fangirling. ;)


Here are the performances from Naima and Thia that got them booted:

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