Album Review: “Femme Fatale” by Britney Spears

I can be the trouble, baby, you can be the bass.

The pop Queen has returned.  Her album is so pop and dance-infused that I wish she would have explored this sound sooner. Unlike her past albums, this one brings a new revolutionary step for the the pop Queen.  Every song has an infectious hook that I guarantee will get stuck in your head.  From the album opener “Till the World Ends” to the closer “Criminal,” you will be in your shower dancing and belting out these tunes.

What I love about this album is that the message is clear.  If you had any doubts about her, she just squashed all your negative vibes.  As with the song and video for “Hold It Against Me,” Britney has taken over control of her image and music.  As in the song, “Inside Out,” she has redefined her music and turned her music inside out.  This is not the typical Britney album that we’ve seen from her, but it is her best to date.  If “I Wanna Go” with it’s catchy chorus and whistle chant is not your cup of tea, tracks like “(Drop Dead) Beautiful” and “Gasoline” are sure to be right up your alley.

It’s funny.  Each song has it’s own life and sound.  All, however, are based around fist-pumping anthems and undeniable vocals from Brit Brit.  Granted, she’s not known for her incredible voice, but I have to say, her voice shines on this album.  She has a unique tone to her vocals and whenever a song of hers comes on the radio, you know it’s her.  Her phrasing on this album is also worth noting.  “Seal It with a Kiss”, “How I Roll”, and “Trouble For Me” are probably my least favorite tracks but that’s not saying much.  Every tune has it’s own flavor, style, and fire.

Track Listing

1. Till the World Ends –Rating 9/10

2. Hold it Against Me –Rating 7/10

3. Inside Out –Rating 7/10

4. I Wanna Go –Rating 8/10

5. How I Roll –6.5/10

6. (Drop Dead) Beautiful feat. Sabi –Rating 9.5/10

7. Seal it with a Kiss –Rating 6.5/10

8. Big Fat Bass feat. –Rating 8.5/10

9. Trouble for Me –Rating 6.5/10

10. Trip to Your Heart –Rating 7/10

11. Gasoline –Rating 8/10

12. Criminal –Rating 8/10

Overall Rating 8/10

This album certainly sets the standard for all other pop albums to be released this year.  The bar is high.  Who can match this? Lady Gaga is Britney’s only real competition.

What do you think about Femme Fatale?

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  1. Britney is officially back and better than ever! (Drop Dead) Beautiful is so catchy-I love it! I agree that Gaga is probably the only one who will be able to match her. Great post!

  2. Thanks! I agree, her past few albums have been ok, but I LOVE this one :)

  3. Kenny Kuang

    I can’t stop listening to it, even the 4 bonus tracks are good and have there own very catchy hook, best brit album ever.

    • I agree, this is her best album EVER. I love it sooooooo much. It is still getting pretty heavy rotation in my iTunes haha

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